Folker! 11/12 2006


(Emmuty Records 571.0004.2,
16 Tracks, 70:42

Merit Zloch (harp and vocals), Simon Wascher (hurdy-gurdy) and Matthias Branschke(bagpipes, flute) choose the melody of  „Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland“, in their version ironically called "Loser",  to start their second CD. The German-Austrian Trio proves (together with guest musician Jörg Mikula) that traditional music from the German- speaking area is not at all boring, and that there is a lot of intoxicating music to be (re)discovered.
Like on their first CD Zlochs harp swings and grooves, Wascher draws fascinating sounds from his Alto hurdy-gurdy with his uncommon double keyboard technic and the young bagpiper Branschke developes to be one of the greatest German players of this instrument.
Besides the virtuosicly played instruments there are inspiring arrangements, always surprising, always opening new sound spectrums, always designing new, electrifying rhythms.
„File under organic dancefloor/world“ is to be read on the cover, on the homepage the band calls their music „Agri-Pop“. But this virtuosic, imaginative mixture cannot be sorted in or labeled easily. One has to listen to bilwesz. Preferably loud. For me Spring is the CD of the year. 

Ulrich Joosten

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                            Lohrer Tanzfest Juni 2006:

Bal Folk at paradigm shift...

                           (, Sabine Schmitt-Becker)

                            Tanzhausfest Leipzig 2005, review:

With finest Agripop bilwesz kept us on our feet, or better to say, kept us moving.
Traditional music how it should be played: quick, forward, unique and without  reservation.
                            (, Ralf Spiegler)


                            Folker! 2/05, review CD "hardigatti!":

....wonderful melodies, that - stirringly arranged - are able to make even a inveterate "couch potatoes" run to the dancefloor... 
A brilliant CD with progressively played traditional drone music.
                             (, Ulrich Joosten)

                             Pay The Reckoning 12/04
... fascinating harmonies and counterpoint...get this CD and play it loud to educate the neighbours.
                             (,  Alex Monaghan)

...a dream team of drone music...
                              (, Walkin' T:-)M)

                           TradMagazine N*100 de Mars / Avril 2005

.... Excepte une mazurka composee par Simon, tout leur repertoire est tire de manuscrits anciens (depuis le XVIIeme) et collectages du XIXeme mais si leur interpretation a parfois des accents de musique baroque, elle est souvent actuelle, similaire a nos interpretations de musiques traditionnelles, par exemple dans la premiere plage (une belle melodie exhumee par Ralf Gehler dans le nord de l'Allemagne et qui peut faire une bourree a 2 temps que je n'ai pu me retenir d'apprendre...). ...

                              (, Jean-Luc Matte)